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  • 3 DIY Dog Leashes

    1. April 4, 2016 BY
    nylon dog leash

    1. Ombre rope leash

    ombre leash

    The pups of Brit+Co have been sniffing around our craft supplies lately and we thought they may be trying to drop us a hint :) It’s high time we had another doggie DIY, so we made these gorgeous dip dyed leashes! Durable metal rope clamps hold the whole thing together to make sure your pup is both stylin’ and secure. Get the kit to keep your dog looking snazzy here! Read more

    1. Double dog leash/lead

    double dog leash

    For not much cash and bits and pieces from the hardware store you can make your own custom dog lead for either one or two dogs in very little time. You will need some rope. I used braided nylon rope that was about a half inch in diameter. I suggest you buy 50 or 100 feet. You will always need rope.

    For making two leads you will need five (5) rope clamps, pictured separately for clarity. It’s hard to tell what they look like in the group pic.

    You will also need a swivel piece. Read more

    1. Technicolor dog leash


    I told ya there was gonna be more doggy DIYs!!!! LOOK AT THAT FACE! We decided Emmett needed a dog leash, ehm, a technicolor dog leash!!!!! And you gotta see what we used to do it! It was like 90s birthday party/summer camp all over again. Check it out!!!! Read more


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