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  • 5 simple tricks you can teach your dog.

    1. April 4, 2016 BY

    1. Rolling over


    So you’ve trained your dog to sit, stay and lie down, and you’re ready to move on to an advanced command: roll over. This trick looks impressive and it’s simple to teach. Set up the trick by making sure your dog knows basic steps. Then, learn how to train your dog to roll over using a simple reward technique. Have fun practicing and your dog will be rolling over in no time. Read more.

    1. Shaking hands



    In a proper hand shake your dog will lift his/ her paw to chest height. This will allow you or another person to shake his paw. The trick should be performed using the left and right paw. Have your dog sit in front of you and pay attention. It is always a good idea to warm up with a look at me exercise. Read more.

    1. To fetch.


    The method you’ll use to teach your dog to fetch instead of keep-away is called“backchaining.”That’s trainer-speak for taking all the steps in a series of behaviors and teaching the last one first, then the next-to-last-one, and so on till you get to the first behavior in the “chain.” (Backchaining is used to help people learn complex sequences, too.) For a fetch, the backward series might look like this: Read more

    1. To hush

    hush dog

    Teaching your dog to “speak,” or bark on command can be fun as well as useful. A barking dog can ward off intruders and alert you to potential danger. Excessive barking can be a huge problem, but teaching the speak/quiet commands can sharpen the natural instinct to bark. With dedication and consistency, you can teach your dog to bark on command AND to be quiet. Different dog trainers and owners have varying techniques, but here is one basic method that works for many dogs. Read more

    1. To jump

    dogs jumping

    This trick teaches your dog to jump straight up in the air. It’s not teaching him to jump ‘over’ and object, rather, it teaches him to jump in the air, with all four paws off the ground. This trick paves the way for teaching your dog to jump rope, (Trick #45). Again, as we’ve said in the beginning of this book: before attempting any jumping tricks, consult your veterinarian to see if these tricks are okay for your dog to do. Read more


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