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  • 5 Thing to help your Senior Dogs with Arthritis sleep better.

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  • 5 Thing to help your Senior Dogs with Arthritis sleep better.
  • 5 Thing to help your Senior Dogs with Arthritis sleep better.

    1. April 4, 2016 BY
    senior pit bul

    1. Good nutrition


    You might notice your dog wanting to take life a little easier, as we all do when we get a little older! There will also be some less visible changes as they approach their senior stage of life; their bodies and digestion start to change and their immune system may need some extra support.

    To get the best for your furry friend, it can be a good idea to gradually switch them to a complete, balanced “senior” dog food containing good quality protein, as these are specifically formulated to fit with your dog’s changing nutritional needs and eating habits. Read more

    1. Enough exercise.


    I get lot of questions about how the fulfillment formula – Exercise, Discipline, then Affection – changes as dogs age and don’t require as much physical activity and energy draining. Here are some tips to keep in mind as your dog enters his senior years.

    I always stress how important it is to get a dog that fits your energy level and lifestyle, but at some point, even the highest energy dogs that are in great health will slow down as they enter their senior years. Read more.

    1. Keep your dog at a healthy weight

    senior sheperd

    Because of decreased activity, many older dogs will gain weight. Obesity is a common problem in the older dog, and because they do not exercise as much, weight loss can be very difficult. It is much better to not let your dog get overweight than to try to make her lose weight when she gets older. But if she is overweight, then work very hard to get the extra weight off. It is one of the single most important things you can do to increase the quality and length of life for your pet. Read more .


    1. Regular checkups.


    Certainly, most conditions can occur or manifest throughout your dog’s life. There are simply some problems that are statistically more likely to occur as your dog gets older; Read more.

    1. Good beddings

    senior bed dog

    It’s hard seeing your canine companion age, but a quality dog bed can bring tons of happiness and comfort to your dog during his golden years.

    Today we’re outlining popular features you’ll find in orthopedic dog beds, as well as suggestions on the top rated dog beds for senior arthritic dogs. Read more.


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