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The Importance of a Proper Bed

Dogs, like humans, need a long and restful sleep for good health. If you have a pet dog, you know that dogs love to just curl up and spend a good amount of time just dozing the day off. If you think about it, if dogs sleep for 16 hours in a day then they spend almost half their life snoozing. And like humans, dogs need a good place to sleep for them to experience quality rest. When dogs are deprived of sleep, it can greatly affect their behavior and health. Also, whenever a dog is sleeping, be careful not to wake or startle them as this may result to aggressive behavior.

How Dogs Sleep

There are many different ways dogs sleep. Different breeds of dogs have different sleep requirements. The activities of a dog in a day are also a factor as to how much sleep a dog needs. Puppies, pretty much like human babies, need more sleep than adult dogs, Adorable and cuddly, our pet dogs may sleep on their side, on their backs, in which all of their paws are pointed up in the air, or curled up in a ball, which is said to be a common napping position for dogs.

Dogs need a comfortable sleeping environment to get a good sleep. The temperature plays a huge factor in how dogs sleep. Always put in consideration that dogs also feel hot or cold like we do. In a cold room, it will be best to provide a blanket for your sleeping dog. If the room is hot, especially during summer, you can leave a fan or AC open for your dog as they are susceptible to hot temperatures and are at risk for heat stress.

Why Proper Bed is Important?

A comfortable and safe bed, like food and water, is essential for your dog’s health. There is a right bed for each kind of dog and there are a lot of different kinds of beds that you can look into. There are standard dog beds which are the usual beds that are flat and are good for most dogs except for those with orthopedic problems and old dogs. Standard beds are made from different materials. They often contain polyester or foam and are covered in fleece, microfiber, denim or flannel. Another kind of bed is a nest dog bed, which is similar to a standard dog bed except that there are raised sides which are ideal for nestling and curling.

For dogs with orthopedic problems or arthritis, an orthopedic bed has an extra thick mattress that will give your dogs the support they need for a more comfortable sleep. These beds are designed to be comfortable and less stressful for your dog’s joints and muscles. There are also nestling dog beds which are great for all kinds of dogs because they have very thick mattresses and have supportive sides.

For dogs who sleep in kennels or cages, there are special bed dogs designed to fit them. Dogs need a kennel dog bed especially when they spend most of their time inside them. Most kennel dog beds fit standard kennel sizes. They are made of more absorbent materials and are often water or moisture resistant for easier clean-up.

Look into these different kinds of dog beds and see which one is good for your dog. Remember to pick a high quality bed as this will be more economical in the long run. A durable and comfortable bed that can last your dog a very long time than a cheap and poorly-constructed bed that you surely replace at some point. After a day of running, barking and playing, your dog deserves to rest and end the day in a comfortable and cuddly bed.