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Students dog story explains diversity

Sasha Anhouse,7, likes to write stories and she likes dogs. Her mother told her to enter the PTA Reflections contest she jumped into work on a dog story. ” The chihuahua and the Bulldog” won the Award of excellence at the state level and advanced to national competition.Sasha lives in Hurstbourne with her parents Ragina Phillips and Michael Anhouse. She will be in second grade at St. Matthews Elementary school in the fall. The National PTA Reflections program recognises student’s achievements in the arts. Students may enter in literature, musical composition, photography, visual arts, dance choreography and film production. In the 2011-12 contest 125 Kentucky students won either an award of excellence or an award of merit at the state level.24 entries went to the National competition. This year theme is “Diversity Means “Sasha explained her interpretation of the theme.” People are different, but some people have things in common and they can still get along.” Sasha entered the Reflection contest last year drawing a picture at her Mother’s encouragement. Sasha also won the primary division in the self esteem contest- a state level award for essays on the theme ” What makes me feel special ” – for her essay About how she has fun with her family. Self Esteem contest winners do not advance because the category is unique to Kentucky. sasaha intends to become a piano teacher when she grows up.

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Connecticut Man Defends Dog From Bear Attack

Dan Sweeney, the owner of a schnauzer dog, saved his dog from the brutal attack of a wild bear on Monday, July 16th. The dog, while walking with its owner in the morning, was suddenly attacked by the bear near West Hartford Water Treatment Facility and in an effort to save the dog, Dan had to shoot at the bear. Though the dog sustained severe injuries, it is expected to recover soon. As for the bear, it is not sure whether it was wounded or not.

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Man Bravely Enters Burning Home Six Times To Save Neighbors Dog

Mike Nicolas has become a local hero by entering multiple times into the neighbor’s burning house in an effort to save a dog which got trapped inside. The dog was locked in a cage while the family members were out. Nicolas, who happened to see the house on fire, ran to help the family but luckily, there weren’t anybody except the dog. Nicolas was able to free the dog from its cage after having to come out of the burning house six times to breathe. Nicolas sustained minor injuries in his heroic act.

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Man Bravely Enters Burning Home Six Times To Save Neighbor’s Dog | Life With Dogs

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